February 24th, 2012


Hero songs

seangaffney just informed us that Yen Press recently announced the Massacre Arc of Higurashi, so we think it's okay to tell you all that that's Jerry's true identity. We would have called it the Total Slaughter Arc.

Anyway, today's been kind of a whirlwind of activity, so I'm having a hard time focusing. We started out running errands, which made it really hard not to make it a three-day weekend. But we were strong! And we edited Love Hina anyway! And it went super super slow! Aaaaaaaahhh! ...It picked up during the third CD, fortunately, but man, it was getting a little scary. Like we'd take all of next week and some of the week after to finish this thing.

But most importantly, yesterday we listened to our new Tiger & Bunny CD, and it's soooo great! We wanted to just put that and the Disney Date CD on loop all day, but since we don't have a multi-disc CD player that wasn't really an option. We do have multiple CD players, so I guess we could have simulated the experience, but none of our CD players have remotes, so if we have to get up to hit play anyway... And if anyone's wondering why we don't just rip the CDs onto our computer and put them on a playlist together, two reasons. First, we like having CDs. We're old school like that. And second, the CD-ROM on our computer is broken and won't play CDs, let alone rip them.

We're not as big Tiger & Bunny geeks as we are Disney geeks, so we can't ramble on and on about that CD as the Disney one, but we can say that any song Barnaby sang in (there were two) made us cry. The first one (his solo) made us cry because he's singing to his parents (awwwwwwww!), and the second one made us cry because it's full of the sappy love and justice stuff that makes us like superheroes to begin with.

Also, Sky High and Origami Cyclone are really good singers. (Sky High's song is called "Thanks, and Thanks Again." XD) Saito-san and Ben Jackson have a "song" together, which is hilarious. Most of it is Saito-san talking really fast (and quiet). I was sure I'd have the singing part stuck in my head forever, but it turned out to be much less catchy than it threatened to be. On the other hand, I can remember the tune to the chorus of Wild Tiger's song after only hearing it once! And it was the first one on the CD, so you'd think the other songs would have erased it.

Oh! And Rock Bison's song was kind of amazing. It sounded like one of those old cowboy ballads (and does in fact call itself a ballad). We could totally hear it playing in Frontierland, which is especially amusing to us, because Kotetsu has a few speaking parts in it, and his voice actor is also the Japanese dub voice of Captain Jack Sparrow, so it's like Pirates of the Caribbean in Frontierland!

Today I'm thankful for work being less painful than we feared it would be (it almost always is these days), tear-jerking Barnaby songs (*sniffle*), having had time to listen to our Tiger & Bunny CD yesterday, getting to go shopping today, and finding out that the talent show changed locations with enough time to find a ride.