February 21st, 2012


It's Jerry!

We're considering giving random codenames to all the titles we translate but aren't sure we're allowed to talk about. If we used other manga titles, we could make it super confusing! ...But then again, if we did that, we would really confuse our LJ tags. We'd be like, "Ooh! What did we say about DN Angel way back when? ...Wait a second, this isn't DN Angel, it's Negima!" Or something like that. So I guess the names would have to be pretty random after all.

For example, right now we're translating Jerry. We like it, because it's a lot easier to translate than anything by Ken Akamatsu (then again, what isn't a lot easier to translate than Akamatsu? (maybe Sgt. Frog, but we don't translate that one)), and today we finally got to the scene we've been waiting to see throughout this whole entire series! Yay!

...On the other hand, now we can't explain why we've been waiting to see that scene. But then we probably shouldn't be talking about it anyway, because it's a spoiler, and besides, the fact that we're talking about it while we're translating it means that nobody's read it yet (legally, barring the idea of friends who read Japanese (we used to have some of those, but they seem to have mostly vanished, and they wouldn't be reading Jerry anyway)), so even if people weren't upset about the spoiler, they still wouldn't know what we were talking about.

So instead, let's talk about Gyakuten Kenji! Did they not release the second one in America? We haven't been able to find it anywhere. Anyway, it has a guy who just got back from America, and he uses finger quotes and keeps asking for hugs. We're highly amused by this and wonder if it's something the game developers picked up while promoting the series at Comic Con 2009.

Also, Oreo has been very cute today. He likes to sit on one lap (mine or Athena's), and then reach over and touch the other person on the knee or something. Right now he's on Athena's lap with his front paws stretched out over my right arm (Athena's chair is a little higher than mine, and she's sitting crisscross-applesauce, or however that's called these days (we used to call it Indian style, but I guess that's not PC)). Anyway, it's adorable.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see that scene, Oreo being adorable, the water coming back on (it randomly got shut off for a couple of hours this morning), fun new Ace Attorney characters, and getting to play Set last night.