February 16th, 2012



I asked Page what we should update LiveJournal about today, and she ran away. I'm not sure how to interpret that.

Today we discovered (once again thanks to Anime News Network) that the Ace Attorney movie is coming to America! Yay! And it's going to premiere at AM2! Yay...? We actually have very mixed feelings about this, because we're pretty sure (we never did enough research to be completely sure) that AM2 was created specifically to destroy AX. Something about disgruntled staff members being let go/quitting and saying, "We'll show you!"

We never bothered paying attention to the politics of it all, but our loyalty has always been with Anime Expo. But fortunately, it looks like this year the conventions are not going to be held on the same weekend, so we'll only have to worry about loyalty if we decide we don't have enough money for two conventions (which is entirely likely). In fact, after failing to go to Anime Expo for two years in a row, it hasn't really factored into any of our plans for this year so far. That being the case, if we only go to one convention this year, it would be kind of sad if it was the one that was born from anti-AX sentiment.

On the other hand, AM2 is at our beloved Anaheim Convention Center, and we know how to get there from the cheaper hotels in the area. And we already have materials for Ace Attorney costumes. So I guess we'll just see how things go. Maybe it will come out on DVD before then and we won't have to worry either way.

Today I'm thankful for continuing to make good progress on Love Hina, getting comp copies in the mail today, Page coming back to help us update after all, the beautiful weather outside, and the hope of one day seeing a super awesome Ace Attorney movie.