February 7th, 2012

kid flash

Here we go again...

We originally intended to get to work today, even though we hadn't gotten books yet, but then we decided we wanted to see if we could finish up Tactics Advance 2, and we spent almost the whole day on that tower. Siiiigh.

Anyway, the decision to take the day off turned out to be sort of justified when we got a knock on the door from the UPS Guy! Tadah! There's the books! (Where? (Right there. In the living room, on the floor in front of the couch.)) And the good news about it all is that we (sort of) have a new project! Tadah!

Not surprisingly, the translator who had been assigned the Love Hina omnibuses has decided they're too much for her. And boy, can we not blame her. I shudder to remember volume nine...

But! since we're rather masochistic, and greedy for work, we agreed to take over. It's actually pretty good timing, because the big project we were working on is on hiatus again. So we have plenty of time to devote to ridiculously text-heavy manga! Tadah!

It all makes me think about a college friend of ours. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to translate more Love Hina (like I said--we're masochists), the chance to spend some more time finishing up Tactics Advance 2, finally getting books today, the yummy chocolate quiche-type things we got at Fresh & Easy yesterday (cookie crumb crust, layers of fudge and ganache, topped with broken up pretzels), and getting a check in the mail yesterday.