January 5th, 2012



It's kind of funny. This morning we found out that we won't get any new work for one project until Tuesday, so we were like, "So we can officially sleep in tomorrow! Unless we get books from Kodansha." And we did! But they are very shiny, and we might sleep in anyway.

It's also kind of funny that the Writer's Block question today is about Occupy Wall Street, because that's something we've been thinking about, and sort of maybe wanting to post about, but also sort of not. Collapse )

Okay, so it was a little longer than I'd hoped, but there it is.

Anyway, if anybody's still around, we're wondering if anyone can help us! We recently decided that we're interested in improving our prose translations. The only way to do that is to do it! By which we mean, we need to translate more prose. The problem is twofold: first, the idea of translating prose gets me hyperventilating (not really, but my chest does start to feel tight), and second, we don't have anything to practice with.

For now, we have Fushigi Yuugi novels, but we're wondering if anybody has any suggestions for light novels we could get a hold of. (Don't get your hopes up about English versions, though. This will probably be a very slow process (though of course, we wouldn't mind sharing if we finally do finish something).) The first problem will only be overcome through diligence! So we'll see how much of a priority we make it.

Today I'm thankful for Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, waffles and honey, getting books from Kodansha today, getting to read manga today, and finding a connection between super awesome manager Yashiro and Alvin of Alvin and the Chipmunks.