December 31st, 2011


Year in review

At some point last night, I thought, "Oh yeah, I guess it's the end of the year. I guess our 'year in review' post better happen tomorrow if it's to happen at all." We'd been thinking about it for a few days, because the Disney Parks Blog had a couple of "year in review" posts, and the main theme we came up with for this year was that it was a year of being very busy with work that we weren't necessarily receiving payment for. At least not timely payments, that's for sure. The general feeling is that we were constantly translating stuff, and too busy for much of anything else, but we were also too poor to do anything except survive, if that.

Until September, when we finally got most of the money we were owed, and then we got annual passports to Disneyland, which resulted in us being extra busy, because we kept taking time out to go to Disneyland when we still had a bunch of work to do.

There was also some talk (as we discussed the past year among ourselves) of TokyoPop shutting down, and we were like, "Wait, was that this year? Or last year? I think it was this year..." And that just goes to show how busy we've been, because so much has happened since then that it seems like it happened forever ago. There's also an "out of sight, out of mind" thing going on, which means the memories of TokyoPop get buried quicker.

Anyway, we thought going back and doing the meme where you post the first sentence/paragraph/couple of paragraphs from the first post of every month of the year would help us remember what all happened, and it turns out this year was more eventful than we thought. I mean, of course it's been very eventful, but what I mean is more stuff happened that isn't confidential than we thought.

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Tadah! That's our year in review! Of course, it did make us realize that most of the really eventful events tend to happen in the middle of the month, so big stuff like TokyoPop shutting down, Mom's cat dying, getting cell phones, Sarah having a baby, etc. doesn't even show up, but...all that stuff has been blogged about, so there is a record! ...Somewhere in the archives.

This year I'm thankful for staying employed despite losing our main work source, finally getting all our back payments so that it's not as big a problem when the new ones are late, finally getting to go back to Disneyland, not getting fired off of the big project despite our numerous trips to Disneyland, and getting to go back and read some fun posts from throughout the year.