December 22nd, 2011



As of today, we are officially on vacation! Woohoo!

Of course, we've practically been on vacation since Tuesday, but then we were on standby. Now we're on vacation...and still on standby, but less so. Or something. The point is, as of today, we feel okay about sleeping in, whereas before today, we made ourselves get up at eight, just in case.

And what have we done with our vacation? Played video games. Because before today, even though we didn't have any work to do, we still had a bunch of little things to get done, and today, we didn't have to worry about them. Of course, this means we're going to have a miniature chore day tomorrow, since we blew them off today, but we were happy to have a nice big chunk of video game time.

But playtime is over, and we have more Stuff to do. Now that it's finally settled and Sarah is officially going to sing with us on Sunday, I have to arrange the sheet music for myself so it's on fewer than seven pages. And then I have to practice, practice, practice!

Today I'm thankful for getting to try the Fresh & Easy brand Danish butter cookies (they're quite tasty!), the missionaries remembering our appointment yesterday, having a nice big chunk of time to play video games today, making good progress on this song, and peach tic tacs.