December 15th, 2011


Special, just like everybody else.

It's time to update LiveJournal again, and there's still not much to report. Well, there is the fact that work has finally slowed down enough for us to seriously think about Christmas present for people...only to discover that there's no time to order anything online. Or at least not anything thoughtful. We found the perfect thing we wanted to give Celeste, and now that we've discovered its existence, I hate the idea of anything else. Of course, she might not even like it for all we know, and really it was only going to be a part of her gift, but argh!

Anyway, this whole "you need to develop more distinct personalities" thing has become one of the things we'll randomly come up with arguments against when there's a lull, so we've still been thinking about it even though we're not nearly as upset about it anymore. See, the problem was the people pushing for it seemed to feel so deeply about it that we were forced to consider the possibility that they might be right in saying we're not different enough.

After thinking about it for five days, we've sufficiently convinced ourselves that that opinion was based on a severe lack of knowledge and/or proper observational skills, and in fact, there are a couple of pictures on Facebook (though not in our account) where all you have to do is look at them and you can easily tell a distinct difference in attitude, body language, etc. So there.

So then we start coming up with theories as to why it would be so important for people to want us to be different. Ironically, the best theory we can come up with is that, as a set of two people, we're not similar enough to non-twins. As in, we're not enough like normal people, so we have to be different from each other, so we can be the same as everyone else.

And that all boils down to people's obsession with categories and labels. In fact, even without the last paragraph, the obsession with labels could be causing us problems. For example, we meet someone for the first time, and they see us and think, "Twins who look the same and are still together. They must be like the same person twice." Then no further observation will alter that opinion--their mind is already made up. This also explains the fact that for the longest time, everyone in our ward seemed convinced that we took turns playing the organ in sacrament meeting, which is ridiculous, because Athena doesn't even play the piano. Other examples include the fact that, while we're both very picky eaters, there are some foods I like that Athena doesn't and vice versa. None of this will ever register in the other person's memory.

Most of that last example is our own fault, because we don't want to complicate things by saying, "Well, Alethea will have spaghetti, but Athena would rather have something else," so she just eats spaghetti, too. Besides, it would be rude to say that. Anyway, food preferences is the only other example I could come up with off the top of my head.

Aaaanyway. What I'm saying is, people seem to be obsessed with categories, because once they categorize something, they don't have to think too hard about it anymore. Okay, so maybe that's not why they're obsessed with categories, but they really do seem to be obsessed with categories. People are always talking about how they feel like there's something wrong with them if they don't fit into a category. Like such a thing as "normal" really exists.

And I'm not sure any of that really made any sense, but...that's what rambling's all about.

Today I'm thankful for work slowing down enough to seriously think about Christmas presents, having time to play video games, getting to actually try the peppermint bark ice cream last night (it was pretty tasty), the freedom to not categorize things, and the inspiring story of Oreo climbing to the top bunk. (He would go very cautiously, because let's face it, the dresser he has to climb is a disaster zone (it's covered in precarious stacks of manga), and he kept pausing to look up at the spot he was headed for, as if to remind himself of the promised land that awaited after his hard trial. He's such a cute kitty♥)