December 10th, 2011



Well, now that we're done talking about Disneyland, I'm not sure what to update about. The writer's block question for today is "what are you thinking right now?" That's always a tough question, because in order to process it with my brain, I have to interrupt whatever it is that I was thinking about, and the interruption makes me forget what I was thinking about, so whenever I get asked a question like that the answer is usually, "Huh...?"

But actually, this time I do remember what I was thinking about, because Athena and I were talking about Christmas presents. Despite all our holiday visits to Disneyland, the whole "Christmas is almost here!" thing hardly computes at all. (Maybe we should start getting a Christmas tree or something...) So what happens is something reminds us that Christmas is coming, and we're like, "Oh yeah! We have to get people awesome presents!" And then maybe we'll think about what to get people for a little while, and then, inevitably, we will be distracted with something else. It's only really a problem because when you can't get around very easily, you have to do some shopping online, and then you really have to buy your gifts early. Sigh...

Anyway, I think we may (or may not) have some good ideas this year, but of course, I can't say what they are right now.

Today I'm thankful for brownie bite cookies in mint chip ice cream, finally finishing off the mint chip ice cream we've had for...ever (not that we didn't like it, just that we get lazy about ice cream--you have to get it out of the freezer, scoop it into a much work!), finally cleaning our floors today, getting to watch ABC shows On Demand, and the super yummy pita chips we had for a snack today.