November 29th, 2011

kid flash

Who's got the time!?

We are very much looking forward to being done with this omnibus. The first entry in the lexicon for volume twelve turned out to be a lot less deathful, but the rest of them were not so kind. Athena says, "They weren't deathful...well, the one was deathful." That's the one that had us looking for a quote from the Nihon Shoki and finally giving up and buying a copy of it from Amazon. It'll be good to have a copy of that (we also got the Kojiki and the Man'yoshu!), but we may never get a chance to use it again, since they stopped having lexicons and rumor has it we won't be translating any more omnibuses. But we'll always have our love of learning, so it will be good anyway.

And then they went into advanced mathematics. We're sort of a little bit of math geeks, but only through beginning calculus, and skipping trigonometry entirely. And math analysis. At any rate, this entry was about topology, and we have never been introduced to topology. It made absolutely no sense until it gave the example of C and I.

And then! the last lexicon entry was actually really easy, but it was about the witch hunts, and because we'd already developed the habit, we kept checking the first English version to see what they'd had (even though the first English version is usually completely useless for lexicons (not completely useless; sometimes it tells us what Chinese names we need to look up)), and it drove us crazy! See, as I said, it was about the witch hunts, and the only reason Akamatsu (or whoever wrote the lexicons) brought it up was to say everybody blames the witch hunts on Christianity, but that's not entirely accurate. Then the English version was all like, "the witch hunts were mainly because of Christianity." And we were like, "Wow, way to get the exact opposite point of what the original was trying to say." I mean, we've known for a long time that they would make stuff up or add things that they found in their research that may or may not have actually been relevant, but now they're being snippy about it.


After we watch a little TV tonight, we'll finally get to start into the editing phase. Hopefully we'll have enough time to get through the whole thing before our deadline.

In the meantime, our home teacher(s) is (are?) coming over in a few minutes. We really need to stop getting super busy at the end of the month, because now we have home and visiting teachers who want to make sure to come, but still tend to put it off. So the last Sunday of the month, they're all like, "So when do you have time this week?" and we're like, "Aaaaah ha ha ha ha!"

I was going to tell the story about the Disneyland fireworks, but I don't think I have time tonight. Maybe later tonight, depending on how things go with work. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing our first draft of Negima! 12, Google Books helping us find some quotes from Jung and Cassirer, being home for Last Man Standing (if it's not on tonight, we'll just have to watch some anime or something to make up for it), our fuzzy slippers being clean and dry, and getting our own copy of the Nihon Shoki.