November 6th, 2011


Grumble in the morning, grumble at night♪

Most of this afternoon was...actually pretty good, but still grumpy-making. We had a discussion with Mom about why we don't get along with a certain family member, and we think we actually made some progress, but it's hard not to feel like every time this topic comes up we say, "This is why we think he's kind of a jerk," and the response is, "Yeah, but that's just because he's a guy." Rarrragargaerargargh.

Then we went to the Youth Musical that our stake does every year, not because we were particularly interested in going, but because that's just how things worked out. It was...well, I found a few elements entertaining, but not for the reasons they were supposed to be. It was good, and we're sure a lot of people can get a lot out of it, but we are very particular. We also think it had a difficult time making up its mind about its target audience. Are you trying to enlighten people who know nothing about the subject, or give a recap for people who are already very familiar with it? Because if it was the former, you needed to add some details, and if it was the latter, some details weren't necessary.

But in an effort to leave something positive, let me repeat what I said in sacrament meeting today. Somebody was bearing their testimony and said, "You don't have to read the Book of Mormon all the way through to know that it's true." I think this is an accurate statement, but he was trying to put his thoughts together and ended up pausing in some places, so I wanted to point out that while he's right, it's still a good idea to read the whole Book of Mormon anyway. Why? Because I'm pretty sure it makes you smarter.

I read a quote once from C.S. Lewis that said, "I believe in Jesus Christ like I believe in the sun--not because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." I think the Book of Mormon explains the gospel and Jesus Christ's role in it better than anything I've ever read, and if you look at everything with the light of the gospel, it's that much clearer.

Today I'm thankful for having happy manga to read when we got home, getting to have yummy pancakes for dinner, Mom being kind enough to make those pancakes, Mom also acknowledging some points we made, and it being time to go to bed and get some sleep. And when we wake up tomorrow, the sun will be up! (Unless it's cloudy, which is a distinct possibility.)