October 28th, 2011



We got assigned a rush job today! Whoosh! This will complicate our schedule slightly, but we think we can make it work. Also, I should get this out of the way right now: it's not a series. It's actually kind of an extra thing that probably won't even be published, kind of like the Higurashi interview we did, but less publishy. I only bring it up because it will probably be brought up again on Monday or Tuesday, since it really will complicate our schedule. (Schedule complications are kind of a big deal for us.)

In other news...for Thursday Night Activity, there was a bunch of pumpkin carving going on. We decided we'd rather not deal with pumpkin guts (the number one reason we never make jack-o-lanterns; the number two reason is rotting pumpkin shells), so we decided to hang out by the door until things settled down for a bit. There was another table that claimed they weren't going to carve their pumpkin, so we sat down to join them in their non-carving glory...and they decided to carve the pumpkin after all.

It's just as well, really. We need to stop being non-participants. On the other hand, the non-participation isn't always entirely our fault. For example, one pumpkin can really only be carved by so many people at a time.

One person went and grabbed one of the jack-o-lantern kits, and we all decided we liked the haunted house the best, so that's what we did! ...And then we realized it was one of the most difficult patterns in the book. It turned out pretty nice anyway. Because we were too lazy to get any tape, I held the pattern in place while Athena traced it with the roller-poky tool and our choir buddy scraped out pumpkin guts. After that, both of us needed to recover, so our friend who drives us to church took one of the carving tools and started cutting stuff out. And from then on, we were pretty much just observers.

As I said before, the jack-o-lantern turned out pretty nice, but none of us wanted to take it home (probably all because of reason number two for never making jack-o-lanterns), so it went to the bishop's wife, who hadn't gotten out any Halloween decorations this year and really needed something to attract trick-or-treaters. Tadah! I didn't take a picture because I didn't have the camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it that our friend did a good job.

Today I'm thankful for our jack-o-lantern looking pretty spiffy, being trusted to finish rush jobs, getting to make a small but expensive order from CD Japan (which we are ridiculously excited about (but we don't show it)), finally getting some more hamster toys for the minigame in Professor Layton, and not having any plans for tomorrow morning so we can sleep in.