October 26th, 2011



When it was time to update LJ today, I said, "Now I have to come up with something to write about." In response, Athena raised one eyebrow and then another as if in Serious Thought, and I looked dramatically off to the side--first to the right, then to the left, then back and forth--for a few minutes. Or one. Minute, I mean.

We do have things going on, but they're all stuff that's going to happen or stuff that we're going to do, and not stuff that I can say has already happened or been done. For example, we decided to buy an air purifier! But it's still on its way here, so we can't say whether or not it's working.

I can say that I'm having a very difficult time with homophones today. Not just homophones--typing in general. Not that this is anything new. I found a journal I kept in high school, and I kept mixing up homophones then, too, and that wasn't even typed!

Anyway. So we thought about sharing another story from when we were little, and then we couldn't think of any good ones right off. So we kinda got nothing today.

Oh! But there is something we found mildly amusing last night. We got a package from the BYU Bookstore, because there were a couple of books we wanted to read, and that seemed like the best place to get them. While we were at it, we figured we might as well order something by Grandpa, since we are his granddaughters, and our church is all about family and family history and everything. But all his books are like a million dollars! Or forty. It doesn't matter; either way it's more money than we currently feel comfortable spending on one book. But! they did have a documentary DVD about Grandpa for only $15!

So we were like, "Cool! Let's get that!" And we did! Tadah!

Then yesterday we got our package, and then we forgot all about it because we were busy working. And then it was bedtime, and we remembered the package and decided to open it because we were bored. Bedtime tends to be when we're most bored. We really ought to alleviate the boredom with sleep, but...it's just not that simple, okay!?

Anyway. We opened the package an BOOM! Packing peanuts went everywhere! Oooohhh noooo! (Only not really. That was a contained explosion. The problem was when we put the box on the shelf in the closet specifically to prevent Oreo from finding it and eating the packing peanuts...and it fell off, spilling everything everywhere. You try to be careful, sheesh.)

And we took out the contents of our package and oohed and aahed at them, and then noticed a sticker on the DVD that said, "Now for just $9.99!"

Now, we don't have a problem with charging someone differently for buying online than for buying in the store, if there was a sale going on or something. But at least take the sticker off before sending it! It's like saying, "Hey, we just ripped you off!" Though on the other hand, they might have been saying, "If you email us, you'll get $5 back!", which would be very considerate of them. As for us, we're lazy. They can keep the five dollars.

Today I'm thankful for getting our package from the BYU Bookstore, Oreo not finding the packing peanuts (he came close, but Athena managed to lure him away with treats), Oreo and Page sitting on the couch together this morning, those big inflatable cushion thingies people use instead of packing peanuts, and getting a paycheck.