October 17th, 2011


Time to breathe

So the original plan was to leave here before noon to go to Disneyland, but as it turns out, Gaston had some things to take care of before leaving, and in this group, there are only two times when it is possible to leave Fresno to go to Disneyland. Either before traffic, or after traffic. And that means we're not leaving for another couple of hours. This actually worked out perfectly for us, because we were able to put some more hours in on the big project, and now we won't be struggling to make up for lost time when we get back and are exhausted. We were also able to go to the store to get some more food for Oreo, the spoiled cat.

When we were at the store, we got stopped by a surveyor! He said it was a short survey, so we figured sure, we'll take it, and the three of us were all easily distracted with tangents. We went on a tangent about what all we studied, and he studied anthropology, which was why he was at the grocery store conducting surveys. We were like, "That makes sense," and he was like, "Thank you!" Apparently nobody else thinks it makes sense. We're like, "Well, it's the study of people, right? Surveys are studying people." He said he has a hard time explaining that to most people. And that had us going back into dangerous territory, thinking we're smarter than everybody else.

It doesn't help that recently we had an editor suggest that maybe we weren't using a word entirely correctly. And we were like, "What!? We're totally using it correctly! Look at the whole picture!" It's dangerous. We need to learn to stop dwelling on that stuff, because it's petty and unhelpful.

Anyway. So we're going to Disneyland tomorrow! Woohoo! I don't have a whole lot else to say about that, because it hasn't happen yet. But we're pretty excited about it. And now we need to finish packing and spend some more quality time with the kitties before we leave.

Today I'm thankful for having extra time to work today, having time to go to the grocery store, finding new "British" candy bars to try, typos leading to the development of new confections (candy bards--eat them with a spoon! (if anybody actually makes something that could pass for this, you have to at least send us a picture!)), and mousse.