September 29th, 2011


Have some punch.

Wow, I feel like today has been a long today. We were working on Negima! (of course), and it turned out to be less scary than it seemed at first, so it was all good, except that we have a nasty habit of pushing ourselves and not getting enough to eat. And we haven't been getting enough sleep lately, either. But changing our sleep schedule would wreak havoc with our work schedule! And our eating schedule, which we probably should change.

Athena is now telling me about her idea of getting some Bisquik and eggs, and then we can sleep later than usual, and make a nice big brunch that should keep us going for the entire work day. Intriguing proposition... It would work better if we had somebody to cook for us. Why does everything have to take so much time? Ah well.

So anyway, we were working on Negima! and it wasn't so bad, but we were looking ahead to see what was in store, and we saw the bonus pages. Negima! bonus pages sometimes make us very unhappy. A detailed map of Mahora Academy? Are you kidding me? With all that tiny tiny text!? And it's hand-written (meaning much harder to read)! We may have to just politely decline to translate that one (as did the translator before us).

We came up with an imaginary scenario that we found amusing. I'm going to risk telling it here, despite the fact that nothing is safe on the internet, and there's no telling what Akamatsu-sensei might find.

So anyway, what happens is Kodansha USA decides to make the fans super happy and bring Ken Akamatsu to Comic Con! Woohoo! Well, of course we have to go. And because we've been so diligent in translating Negima!, our friends at Kodansha introduce us to him! Wow! And the meeting goes something like this:

Us: "Oh, Akamatsu-sensei! It's so nice to meet you! I love your work! *PUNCH!*"
Akamatsu: "Wha...?"

Also, there would be an "Owww..." from whichever one of us did the punching, because we are...I wanted to think of a funny way to describe how weak we are, but I got nothing. Although Athena did come up with an amusing simile for how busy Negi's schedule was for the Mahora Festival. We might not use it, though. It's a little weird. (It's also a little weird that LJ changed the font for this input text window thingie. Not important, just something I've been noticing.) Anyway, the point is we're so weak that punching anybody is almost guaranteed to physically hurt us more than whoever we try to punch. And so we are amused at ourselves. (Also, we would never really punch anybody. Probably.)

Today I'm thankful for making good-ish progress on Negima! today, being done with work for the day, Bisquik pancakes (maybe someday we'll have some), having chocolate to look forward to at some point, and forecasts predicting cooler weather (our TV's weather app said the high was going to be 98 today! but that won't last, fortunately).