September 27th, 2011


More Disney rambling

We did it! We finished Ace Attorney! But we're going to hold onto it for a while, because we only just sent in the contract for it. We wanted to send the contract in weeks ago, but we ran out of paper! And then we were so busy, we forgot to get more. So yesterday, we finally bought some! Bam! (And by "a while," we mean one day, because it's due tomorrow.)

And now we have a little extra time to do Stuff. I don't know what kind of stuff we're going to do yet, but it will be...stuff, I guess. There will probably be chocolate.

Our home teacher was supposed to come over today, but I guess he forgot, because he didn't. That was just as well, though, because what we really wanted was time to finish work, and that's what he gave us! Tadah!

Oh right! We've been continuing our Disney movie study, and watched Pocahontas on Sunday. We decided that we it better than The Lion King. (For those of you concerned about what Disney's Pocahontas will teach kids about history, I have a simple solution--teach them proper history yourself, and make sure to point out that Disney is entertainment and not a reliable source.) I think there are a few things that make Pocahontas more enjoyable for us, but my main analysis is...kind of sexist. The Lion King is a shounen anime and Pocahontas is a shoujo anime. Music has a lot to do with it, too.

The fact of the matter is, we don't really find any of the main characters to be very relatable in either movie, but because Pocahontas has more shoujo elements and (in our minds) prettier music, Pocahontas wins. Also, Pocahontas has three of our favorite animators.

And that is our brief analysis of why we prefer Pocahontas over the Lion King, although we'd pick Tarzan over both any day. It's interesting with Pocahontas, though, because our enjoyment of it varies wildly depending on how life's been going around the time we watched it. In 2004, we hated it with a mad passion. When we watched it a couple years ago, we just thought it wasn't that interesting. This last time we watched, it was alright. And of course, we have to give it credit for Thomas, who was our first crush.

Today I'm thankful for having a pizza party for Home Evening Group last night (not much else interesting to report on that, except that it was fun, and we got to play Set), getting to play Set last night, having time to finish Ace Attorney today, getting to listen to our Edgeworth CD, and having time to read last night (and probably today, too! unless we decide to play video games instead).