September 26th, 2011

kid flash

Where does the time go?

Definitely beginning to see why someone like Banri Hidaka would come up with a manga about a guy who sells time. We could definitely use his services about now. There's no time for anything! Aaaaaaahhh!

Actually, it kind of seems like this is time for stuff, but it's hard to tell. We're almost done with Ace Attorney! And so we're under the illusion that we will turn it in and have time again! ...But the reality is, as soon as we turn it in, we need to get to work on Negima!. If we start wading in Negima! right after Ace Attorney, we won't be drowning in it later! We hope. It's possible that we're already too late, and as soon as we turn in Ace Attorney, our boss will say, "So we need the next Negima! as soon as humanly possible." Well lemme tell ya, that ain't soon.

...Okay, it might be soon. It would be sooner if we didn't have other work. Man, it's like we're back in college with all these professors giving us these enormous workloads, as if theirs was the only class we had! ...Actually, it's not that bad. It just feels like it is because we ended up not having any free time last week. This week is not shaping up to be any better. Today, after work and errands, we have Home Evening Group tonight. Tomorrow, our home teacher is coming, and then we may or may not have Institute.

On the bright side! we got enough work done on Ace Attorney today that our home teacher's midday visit probably won't be a problem. And there's a new Castle on tonight!

Today, I'm thankful for making good progress on Ace Attorney, repeat characters (so we don't have to come up with new names), having an excuse to get chocolate-covered peanut-butter-filled pretzels, having cool enough weather that they probably aren't all melted together into one giant mass, and having a pizza party at HEG tonight.