September 25th, 2011


Blogs and nametags

I wasn't sure what to post about today, but then I remembered! Yesterday, we went to Aurora's blog and started reading it! I mentioned it on...Wednesday? but now I'm going to explain it again, because now we've actually seen it and know more about it. It's called Dictator of the Week, and, as the name suggests, Aurora writes about one dictator every week.

I also started reading The Once and Future King the other day, which I only bring up because I think the writing is kind of similar, in that Aurora's telling these stories about historical dictators, only she inserts a lot of anachronisms to make it funnier and/or more relatable. It's pretty neat, so check it out! (She says she prefers people to read it via Facebook, but we're not sure how any of that stuff works, so you Facebook people can figure that out better than we can, I'm sure.)

I don't know if this warning is super important, but in case anybody is sensitive to that kind of thing, Aurora does tend to use dirtier language than we do.

Other than that...there's not a whole lot else to talk about. Oh, except maybe that we went nametag-less today. We have a couple of other nametags that we designed, but when I baked them to shrink them, one of them got stuck to itself as it was curling (the shrinking process involves curling and then, ideally, uncurling), and though I tried valiantly to rescue it and flatten it, it was too late, and while I now have a kind of neat curly plasticky thing, it won't really work as a nametag. But that was my nametag, and I still have my Disneyland nametag, so Athena was going to go ahead and use her new one, but in my haste to rescue the curly nametag, I was unable to get the bumps out of the not-curly nametag, and so she was unsure.

So we were going to wear our old, less-legible nametags, but then we noticed that somehow some water had gotten on Athena's. And because we never got around to putting any kind of finish on them, it smeared the ink! So we were like, "Oh never mind, we'll just not wear nametags today." It didn't make much difference.

Today I'm thankful for making it back into our apartment after church today (something odd was going on with the lock and door handle), edutainment blogs, the fact that edutainment is in Google Chrome's spellcheck dictionary (somehow I find this highly amusing), having some great lessons at church today, and Oreo being kind enough to let me have my chair back this morning.