September 24th, 2011

kid flash

Saturday is a special day♪

Even our Saturdays are busy these days! Whew! But today it was time well-spent. ...Well, it's usually time well-spent, unless you count the lying around being tired last week, but we like to call that "resting." But! we finally got some chores done! Woohoo! It's nice to have a cleaner apartment.

We also worked on a translation test for a translation agency. We've had it to work on for a while now, but I never mentioned it outright because I was afraid it was super confidential. Then we were thinking about it today and realized it's probably not that confidential. Anyway, despite having it for a while, we haven't been able to work on it, because we've been so busy, did we actually have a social life this week? What the heck? But it was actually mostly family stuff, so does that count as social? We did have Home Evening Group and Institute on Monday and Tuesday, though.

Anyway, we were busy with social/family stuff and work work, so we've been putting it off. Also, translation tests are a little scary, which is another reason we hadn't worked on it. I'd think about it and a little part of me would scream, "No no no no no no! Don't make me do it! Please no! Anything but that!" That part of me was totally exaggerating, though, because I think it would still rather do that than harvest grapes. But we worked on it! And did not finish it! because we had more stuff to do! Always with the stuff!

But this time it was the LDS General Relief Society Meeting! Yay! President Uchtdorf gave another great talk about forget-me-nots. As soon as the text version is online, we're going to link it! And now we want to make all kinds of pretty things with forget-me-not motifs. But we don't want to do it that badly, or we'd get right to it, and chances are our next order of business will be video games or Psych.

Today I'm thankful for another wonderful Relief Society meeting, having the opportunity to take a test for a translation agency (also, having plenty of time allowed for finishing said test), having cleaner floors in our apartment, Steve being very sweet and cooking dinner and brownies for all of us when Mom was sick, and having time to do all the stuff we had to do today.