September 23rd, 2011


The power is yours!

Whew, we're done with work for the week! (Unless we decide to do an extra thing we've got hanging around, which we really ought to do at some point soon.) We're just really glad we finished work at about the regular time today, because even though we really enjoyed all the stuff we did this week, we haven't had any time to ourselves! Except for about twenty minutes we used to level up an Adamant Bangle in Final Fantasy XIII.

It's perfect timing, too, because we just got our books today! I finished 101 Dalmatians, which means we needed The Once and Future King...which we didn't have. We ordered books on Tuesday, which was right after Institute, and Institute tends to remind us of Grandpa, so we thought we'd order one of his books while we were at it, but they're like $40 each! Whoa!

Anyway. I think I have time now to explain why we had power on Wednesday. See, as we walk to and from Fresh & Easy every so often, we walk by a spot in the sidewalk that very clearly used to have a telephone pole in it. (Before that, there were a couple of times where we would walk by a fallen telephone pole.) Well, one Sunday at the end of August, we got a notice from our apartment managers saying that the electric company would be shutting of the power twice on Monday--once at the beginning of the workday, and once at the end--so they could replace this telephone pole.

Monday came and went with continuous electricity. Well, whatever, it actually made our lives easier. We figured they managed to replace the pole without shutting everything down. (We did see a guy from the electric company standing by our electric meters and talking on a cell phone that same day. I don't know if it was significant.) Or maybe decided not to replace it, because it's still been gone.

Not so! This last Sunday, we got another notice, saying remember when we said we were going to shut off the power to replace a telephone pole? You may have noticed we didn't do that. So we're going to really do it on Wednesday, only this time, you don't get any power until we finish (we'll try to finish quickly).

Wednesday came and went with continuous electricity. And that's what that was all about. Our theory is that at first, they thought they could just turn the power off at the beginning and end of the process. But then they realized that wasn't going to work, and since air conditioning really can be a matter of life or death around here, they decided to wait until the weather cooled down. The projected high on Wednesday was about 98 degrees. So maybe they're waiting for some real cool weather before they shut everyone's power off. In the meantime, we're just happy to be able to get our work done.

Today I'm thankful for shiny new books, finishing our work at the regular time, having a little time to ourselves, the super yummy pita chips we just ate, and the brilliant idea of using Hi-Chew to help us survive between breakfast and lunch (it's normally not hard, but lately we've been getting a little carried away trying to get our hours in without having to do complicated math (aka "fractions")).