September 20th, 2011


Of dentists and card games

Today the dentist called. This whole "making an appointment for six months from now" thing is a little weird. Anyway, we were supposed to get our teeth cleaned on Thursday, but I told the lady who called that I didn't know if we could get a ride, and now I have to figure something out and call her back, because I didn't think it was a good idea to just cancel. It kind of seems like it would be really nice if someday, we were rich enough to get all our cavities filled and get regular cleanings so our teeth will be nice and healthy! ...But it takes a lot of time out of our schedule and isn't really pleasant, so... anyway. Hopefully we'll figure something out.

In the meantime! last night for Home Evening Group we played Phase 10 again. It's nice playing games with our Home Evening Group, because nobody's really very competitive, so it's really just something to do when there's a lull in the conversation. We even decided, since everyone was two phases ahead of me and I was having such a hard time moving on to the next phase, that we would change Skips to be Wild Cards, but only after discarded. In other words, instead of being mean cards, they turned into super nice cards!

Oh, and I have to mention that after we saw Michael Dorn as the therapist on Castle last night, I was reminded of that Geico commercial: "Do former drill sergeants make terrible therapists?" Bwahaha.

Not really a whole lot else to talk about today. Today I'm thankful for being past the episode of Castle that involved intense surgery (hopefully there won't be a whole lot more of those), having more new "British" candy bars to try out, non-competitive card games, making better progress on Ace Attorney today than we did yesterday, and having plenty of yummy ice cream.