September 18th, 2011


Geeky Twin Stuff

Today was an impatient day. Not entirely sure exactly why, probably because there were a bunch of factors, but it made it a little difficult to sit through church. There was a lot of good stuff said, though. Ah well.

We have a lot of stuff that we're thinking about, but it's all geeky Twin stuff (where Twin is capitalized because I'm referring to the two of us specifically and not twins in general, and it's more fun to say "geeky Twin stuff" than "geeky Alethea & Athena stuff"), so it may not be that interesting to everybody else.

(Speaking of geeky Twin stuff, we're being amused by the fact that Athena's name is in the Google Chrome spell checker and mine isn't, and so we're talking about the merchandise they sell in places, like keychains and stuff, that has people's names on them, and you can find your name and buy that one, and how some people say they're racist because they don't have names from other cultures, and we're like, "Whatever, we're white, and we can't ever find our names, either." Our friend Leia can't ever find her real name, either, and she's even whiter than we are. And also not a freak of nature. Did you ever think about that? How twins are actually freaks of nature? We bet you didn't. Unless we pointed it out some other time. Identical twins, especially. They're like mutants or something. And speaking of mutants, why is it that twins are so often given the multiplication superpower? That's totally numeralist--it's like, how do we even know there were actually two of them to begin with? Maybe it's just one guy with a constant double of himself. Man.)

Okay, so I thought about deleting that parenthetical because it was insensitive toward racism, but as the rambling escalated I was more and more amused by it, so I wanted to keep it. For the record, I think it would be awesome if they sold keychains with names like Sakura, Armen...okay, we don't know that many multicultural names, but it would still be cool. Incidentally, when Disneyland was really into selling the name merchandise, they had blank ones that you could get engraved. Now that we actually want some, though, we couldn't find any. Boo.

Anyway. One of the Things We're Thinking About is Disney animation, and we're trying to figure out what it is about us or the Lion King that we don't like it so much. Right now we think it's just that we don't feel like we're good friends with any of the characters (I know they're fictional, but it makes sense to us), but we were wondering if it had anything to do with the animation, because most of the characters we really love were animated by Glen Keane, so we're going to watch Tarzan, because it was directed by the same team as The Lion King, but has a Glen Keane character. And then we were like, "But we don't like Pocahontas that much, either, and Glen Keane was in charge of animating her," so next we have to watch Pocahontas and see if we can figure out the deal with that. (Although, based on last time, we're still inclined to think it's that the characters aren't as approachable.)

But then we also watched Saludos Amigos last week, so we wanted to watch the Three Caballeros at some point... So many movies, so little time.

But anyway, the other thing we're thinking about is Halloween. We were kind of planning to pass on Mickey's Halloween Party this year, but our former Disneyland associate Donald contacted us on Facebook saying he's getting a group together and were we interested? Well, we got the details and we're still not sure, but we do love cosplaying, and Disneyland. So it's always difficult to pass up an opportunity to have both at once. And we do have a couple of really cute costume ideas. It's a little sad, though, because we're not going to have a cosplay group--it's just going to be one of those "wear a costume if you want" things. We like groups because they get more attention, and because we feel more like we belong.

But as always, there's one big drawback, and that's the cost. Can we really afford to make new costumes? We still have to figure that one out.

Today I'm thankful for having cookie dough to bake (today is definitely a cookie-needing day (not because it's all that stressful, but just because we really want cookies), having a bunch of fun Disney movies to watch and study, getting a ride home from church after making our regular ride think we were gone, having a twin to ramble with, and having two super cute cosplay ideas (the hard part's choosing which, if any, to make).