September 16th, 2011


Going to the movies!

We are now waiting for our ride to go see The Lion King 3D! Tadah! I called my visiting teacher, because I'd call her for rides in the past, but she always had a conflict, and every time, she seemed to feel really bad about it (which is very nice of her). But! since this time we need a ride to a movie, and movies play several times throughout the day, we were able to work around her schedule. So we agreed to go to the movie together!

And then I remembered that it was in 3D, and not everyone's okay with 3D, so I had to call her back. She said she prefers not-3D, but she's okay with it. That's good, because 3D's the only way they're showing the Lion King in theaters, and we have to support it!

Anyway, we never really thought about it very much, partly because we were never super into 3D (we, like my visiting teacher, tend to prefer not-3D, though in our case I think it's mostly because it costs extra, and we're not made of money, darn it!), and partly because we've been so busy, but it will definitely be interesting to see what a hand-drawn animated movie looks like in 3D. I mean, I don't usually like to call it 2D animation, because you can do all kinds of things to add depth to a hand-drawing...but in terms of turning it into a 3D projection, that's kind of what it is--2D. Is it going to be like a paper diorama or something? We'll find out! long as the show's not sold out. But we're going to a matinee, so hopefully! it won't be. There's a reason matinees don't cost as much, after all. Maybe we should have bought our tickets online! Oh no!

Athena says we'll be fine. And if the movie is sold out, we can just go to Wetzel's Pretzels, an establishment for which we have a newfound appreciation after getting lunch at Union Station in Los Angeles.

Today I'm thankful for having a ride to the movies, sugar cookie dough being on sale at Fresh & Easy yesterday, Toffee Crunch bars (they're like toffee-flavored Whatchamacallit), being done translating for the week (unless we choose to do more), and the unidentified order confirmation being merely poorly labeled and not identity theft.