September 15th, 2011

kid flash

Catching up

Man, it's like we're catching up on everything! It's like when we don't get enough money to buy fun stuff for a long time, so we make mental lists of all the things we want to get when we can, but by the time we have money to spare, the list is so long we can't get everything on it. This time, we had a mental list of all the things we were going to do when we had time... I don't even know how it got so long. But anyway, at least we've gotten some housework done! And now it's just about when we'd be getting to our leisure time anyway, so the time we took off from work... Well, at least it was used productively.

Anyway... I'm not sure I have much else to talk about. I did have this thought about...okay, so there's this girl we know, but we don't see her very often, because she's off doing...stuff, I guess. But every time we do see her, she mentions how it's nice to talk to us, because nobody else she knows in the church, or nobody else she knows who's religious at all, is really "an animal person." It's always really confusing to us, because at this point in our lives, almost everybody we know is religious, and almost everybody we know has a cat or a dog that they love very much. Or they wish they could get a cat or a dog but live in an apartment that doesn't allow it.

So we wonder if maybe it's that all these people like animals, but don't really consider themselves to be "an animal person." People these days are so obsessed with categories, but a lot of them have different sets of categories, and they don't all mesh. So everybody thinks they can't possibly relate to anybody else, because they're not in the right category.

We actually had somebody tell us that he didn't like Tangled because he couldn't relate to Flynn Rider. So we asked him, "What about Rapunzel? Who can't relate to Rapunzel?" and he replied, "I'm not a girl!" ...!!?! Who says you have to be a girl to understand Rapunzel's feelings? I hate to break it to you, but most of the people who worked on Tangled were, in fact, male.

Anyway. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I think my main point is it's possible to relate with more than one character trait. We're not like the dwarfs in Snow White, after all! We're not identified by one thing only! (And if you really watch Snow White, most of the dwarfs have more than one personality trait, too, especially Grumpy.)

Today I'm thankful for having a little extra time to get some housework done, still having time to read manga (or prose books, if we want ta), shiny new "British" candy bars at Fresh & Easy (that's actually how they categorize them, with the quotation marks and everything, which is especially funny because Fresh & Easy is British-owned), the seven dwarfs, and super glue.