September 4th, 2011


Return of the long Disneyland reports

Okay, so we're a little bit stressed out because our boss is insisting we make up the hours we didn't work last week, and we think we've done pretty much everything there is to do. So even though it's Sunday, we sent an email back asking what it is he wants us to do in those extra hours. And that's pretty much all we can do until we get a response, so hopefully I can focus on other things, stop stressing, and have a more restful Sunday afternoon.

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Whew. And here we thought that we wouldn't have much to say. Man, how long have I been typing?

Today I'm thankful for our checks being overnighted, getting to go on the new Star Tours, amazingly delicious chocolate mousse muffins, getting to go on the Little Mermaid ride, and surviving World of Color followed by a night time excursion on Grizzly River Run (without getting hypothermia!).