August 24th, 2011


Angel Smile

We're still waiting for most of the materials we need. I think I would be really worried about now, except one, I probably wouldn't think about it too much, and two, we found out this morning that we're only expected to work half-time on the project we were expecting to drive us crazy. That being the case, our workload is looking a lot more manageable.

So we finished what little work we had to do today about an hour before lunch, then we watched some Star Driver (a series highly recommended by the creator of Host Club) and Sacred Seven, then we had lunch, and then we read manga! Yay! It was kind of an interesting scenario, because I was reading towards the end of Hoshi wa Utau, so I was crying my eyes out, and on the bottom bunk, Athena was happily enjoying the humor of Banri Hidaka. Nice.

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And that concludes the fangirling about that. Anything else would mainly just be repeating a bunch of quotes from the manga, because it's really funny. And adorable.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read awesome new Banri Hidaka manga, the adorableness of the new characters, finding out that our workload will actually be manageable, being joined in our manga-reading by kitties, and the Disneyland wallpaper our computer chose today.