August 20th, 2011


Requiem for a desk

Today has been entirely too exhausting, due in part to a certain desk. We actually feel really sorry for the desk, because it ended up, by no fault of its own, as an object of annoyance and aggravation.

The desk found itself in our apartment one day after Celeste returned from visiting her friends down south. She was our roommate at the time, and we were all having a hard time adjusting. I don't remember the details--it was a really long time ago--but I imagine the visit was to let off stream from all the stress of the roommate situation, especially because she came back with the desk. The desk was going to be her first piece of furniture when she left our apartment and struck out on her own.

That being the case, we hated the desk for two reasons. First of all, she left it in the first convenient place to leave it, and thus it became a big fat jama, meaning it was nothing but in the way. And second, even though we, too, were straining from the roommate situation, we didn't like the idea of her leaving. The reason was pretty selfish--if Celeste left, that meant we were failures as roommates. Well hello, we were already failures as roommates, because we were all going crazy.

The desk lived in the dining area for a long time. Finally, Celeste decided she was going to organize her bedroom! Yay! And actually, like, use the desk as a desk! As it was, it was kind of a second dining room table, where "dining room table" means "flat surface to put stuff on." That's pretty much what our dining room table is like right now, in fact, which is part of what leads us to today, but I'll get to that later.

So Celeste wanted to use the desk as a desk and keep it in her room. This, unfortunately, meant getting it into her room--a task which soon proved to be nigh impossible, due to the layout of our apartment and the dimensions of the desk. The door was too narrow, and the hall didn't allow for wiggling. I don't remember how, but somehow, we managed to get the desk into the room, where it eventually became another dining room table. This time, holding a bunch of stuff Celeste got as gifts for working at a preschool, as well as a bunch of random computer stuff she had lying around because she had computer geek friends and wanted to save money on a computer.

Eventually, Celeste moved out. She did not take the desk with her, due in large part because, by no fault of the desk's, we all find it to be rather unattractive. We really have to wonder what possessed her to bring it all the way from Los Angeles to begin with.

And so, with Celeste's old desk, and a couple of boxes of Celeste's old stuff, our spare bedroom became a storeroom. We were kind of decent about keeping it clean for a long time, and then our stacks of books got too high. We have a large pile of manga comp copies...and a bunch of costume material. And if there's anything we're not sure what to do with, it goes in the spare bedroom. (Or on the dining room table.)

Then Wednesday came along and we had three days off. We wanted to make the most of them, and the thought occurred to us that one way to do that would be to get Organized. Our biggest problem is that we have a bunch of stuff, and not a bunch of places to put it. So the first thing we need to do is get rid of the stuff that we don't want to keep, including the poor desk. And today was the day that Steve agreed to bring Scott over and take the desk off of our hands and over to GoodWill, where we hope it will find a good home with someone who likes it and has wide doorways.

To make things easier for Steve and Scott, and to keep people out of our embarrassingly cluttered spare bedroom, we decided to extricate the desk from that room ourselves. Once again, the door stood in our way. We had to wonder who designed this desk. Every way we turned it, it was too wide. And for some odd reason, it was hexagonal. So we said a prayer, and started taking the desk apart. But we only had little screwdrivers, so we were only able to take off the keyboard holder thingie. Fortunately, it gave us just enough to maneuver the desk out of the doorway and into the hall. Our poor linen closet door is now all marked up from failed attempts to get the desk into the hallway.

While we waited for Steve and Scott to show up, Celeste called. During the conversation, Celeste talked about "when I get a desk," so Athena apologized, because as they talked, Scott and Steve came and took the desk away, so we no longer had a desk to offer her. And she said, "I don't want that one." Poor little desk. We hope you find someone to love you.

Today I'm thankful for Steve and Scott being kind enough to drive the desk to GoodWill, being able to get the desk out of the room without sawing it in half, having a little more free space in the spare bedroom, Kinokuniya having Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki in stock today, and carpet cleaner.
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