August 11th, 2011


We're finished!

We did it! Woohoo! One more omnibus, done! Yaaaaaay! ...Only this time it's a little hard to feel like we have time again, mostly because our big project is starting up again in September, but also because we have so much to do before then. If we're lucky, we'll be able to finish one book of the new series, two Nabaris, a regular Negima!, and an Ace Attorney before the month is out. But we want to go to Disneyland more than that, so we the regular Negima! and Ace Attorney may have to be accomplished through multitasking.

But it's a little late in the day to start a new translation, so instead, we're stopping work early! Woohoo again! After working overtime all week, hopefully we'll get in some quality recreation.

Anyway. Since we've started working on Negima! omnibuses, and therefore going back and looking at all the details, we've been noticing some things that may be foreshadowing for something that has not yet been revealed as of Volume 32 (the last one we turned in). We keep wanting to talk about it on LJ, but we're so worried that the people who already know (assuming it's been revealed) will give it away despite all attempts on their part to avoid doing just that. For example, Collapse )

And so we're torn. Of course, it might be something that was pretty obvious all along, and we just caught on to it late, so everybody was speculating about it for years and years, and we just didn't know about it because we're not in the loop. But the clues! It's just fun to list them, that's all. So maybe I'll go ahead and list them, and if you know anything, don't comment, not even to say whether or not it's been revealed.

Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that omnibus!, having a little extra free time today, the yummy bagel pizzas we had for dinner last night, news about interesting-sounding CD dramas about cat dimensions or something?, and daydreams about winning sweepstakes to go to Rapunzel's coronation ceremony in London (though you'd think it would be in Germany or somewhere).