August 9th, 2011



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! We were supposed to be done working about forty-five minutes ago! Forty-five minutes! Argh! The lexicons! The leeeeexicoooonnnnssss!

So there was this quote from Aristotle, and we thought it was in "Natural Science," because the Japanese name is "shizengaku," so we spent like half an hour trying to find the quote in "Natural Philosophy" (after we figured out it was philosophy and not science), and then! we gave up and decided nobody had posted the quote online, so we translated it as best we could based on the summaries we had from various websites (and the Japanese text, of course (which, by the way, wasn't making a whole lot of sense)), and I closed the file for the day, and then, as I was closing the internet window that had the last article we found, I noticed that it was talking about Aristotle's Physics! Physics! Not natural philosophy! Arrrrrgh!

So we opened everything back up again, found the quote from Physics (which also didn't make a whole lot of sense; I guess that's philosophy for ya, which is why we never liked it), and now we're finally done working for the day. It's only slightly more annoying because we've been looking at our schedule for like, the rest of the year, and it's looking pretty packed enough without overtime caused by obscure quotes. Man!

In other news, I never mentioned that we've been wearing our new glasses. I decided it's like switching from the old TV aspect ratio to the new wide-screen aspect ratio. We're still getting used to it. And nobody's noticing much. In fact, the friend who took us to Costco to buy our frames--when she got in the car to go to church with us on Sunday, she looked us directly in the face for a few seconds and then asked if we'd gotten our new glasses yet. D'oh. Well, on the bright side, it means my fears about them looking weird (or weirder than normal anyway) were completely unfounded.

Today I'm thankful for finally finding that quote, getting used to our new glasses, finishing work before our normal dinner-time, nobody thinking we look any more freakish than usual in our new glasses, and the memory of that Hipster Ariel graphic that would be the perfect icon for this post.