July 31st, 2011


Day of rest

Since I don't really have anything to update about, and it's been a long week that's drained a lot of energy, we're going to just make a really really short post, and take the rest of the day to recharge. Because that's what Sundays are for. Plus, it's back to Negima omnibi tomorrow, so we're going to need as much energy as we can get.

I will mention that they're replacing the wooden rail-type thingies outside our apartment today, which is strange, since it's Sunday. I only mention it because they'd taken part of the rail down, and it was like a cliff just outside our apartment. Kind of cool and kind of scary.

Today I'm thankful for getting more medicine for Oreo just in time for when we really needed it, the yummy Costco cookies we had at the ward Linger Longer today, having plans to watch So Dear To My Heart tonight, Negima! eight looking like it will be much kinder to us than Negima! 7, and Princess sticker albums.