July 23rd, 2011


The best Ace Attorney cosplay gathering ever.

A while back when we started playing Apollo Justice again, we remembered that we had a bunch of pictures from the best Ace Attorney cosplay gathering ever that we never posted. Not sure if that's because we never got that far when posting that year's Anime Expo pics or because we wanted to save them to put all by themselves so as to avoid spoiling people who wanted to look at our other pics. So we uploaded them to Photo Bucket, but we never got around to posting them because there was stuff going on to post about.

Well, today has been pretty productive, but it was all pretty mundane chore type stuff that's not worth typing about. Except for the Hobnobs. We were exploring Fresh & Easy and we found their international snack food section. It had Hobnobs. We had them for the first time at BYU, we think when we were getting ready for Asian Fest with the Japan Club (though ironically, we're pretty sure Hobnobs come from England), and they were amaaaaazing. We loved them so much, but we had no idea where to get them, except for one international food store in Provo that seemed to have everything...old. But anyway, today we found them again and we're very excited to eat them, because they are very yummy.

But anyway, since that was the only thing we really had to tell about, Collapse )

Oh man, that brings back happy memories. Cooperative cosplay groups are the best.

Today I'm thankful for happy cosplay gathering memories, the amazing group of cosplayers that showed up that night, Hobnobs!, being done with laundry, and the hope of one day trying those fancy chocolate bars from the international snack food section (we decided to pass on them because they were a little expensive, and we were planning on maybe splurging on something else, but we decided to pass on the something else, and now we are sadly without fancy international chocolate; but that's okay, because we still have Hobnobs!).