July 20th, 2011



I have so many potential things to talk about, but it's hard to decide if I really ought to. For example, as part of our research for the new series Kodansha gave us (incidentally, I still have to force myself to say "Kodansha" instead of "Del Rey;" it's really weird to me when people talk like they're different entities), Athena's been reading the English version of volume one. We'll just say she's less than impressed, and repeat our desire that people whose job it is to "fix" a translation actually know, for example, that the term is "set foot," not "step foot." (Actually, that really is all I can say, because that's pretty much all she told me, except for one other thing that involves plot.)

Anyway. We finally received all the payments we've been waiting for from one of the companies we've been waiting for for a long, long, long time. So now we're in a very precarious situation, because we have a long list of Things we've been wanting to Buy that's built up over the months, not helped in the least by TokyoPop's shutting down. Now we have to buy all the rest of Happy Cafe, Gakuen Alice, and Nosatsu Junkie! We're especially worried about Nosatsu Junkie, because we ourselves haven't seen it in so long, we suspect it must be out of print by now, even though Ryoko Fukuyama's new series isn't that old. But today our computer chose to use a Nosatsu Junkie wallpaper, and that certainly isn't helping. On the other hand, it was a big help, because it motivated us to call someone to take us to the bank. So we called Celeste and had a lovely time eating lunner at Wendy's afterward.

I have to not think too long about the whole thing though, because once I let the thought of video games go too far... Oh, the money we could lose. Let's just focus on manga. And DVDs. We have to buy the Maid Sama! anime. And more importantly, a friend's birthday is coming up! And this may be our excuse to go buy Disney movies before paying our bills. You can see why we have to be careful.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being kind enough to drive us to the bank, having a good system for working and doing research (or workreation) (and by "good" I mean "fun"), Oreo finally keeping his medicine down, helpful wallpaper reminders, and having 600lbs. Gorillas at Institute last night.