July 9th, 2011


A day full of stuff.

Whew, it's been a busy Saturday. And yet...not busy... We went to the temple to do baptisms this morning, which was a lot harder than it seems. We realized yesterday that we forgot to get a ride, so we called someone, and they weren't available, then we called our home teacher, and he had work, so we called a few more people, and none of them were picking up their phone! (Or if they did pick up, they weren't going, either!) Finally, at 10:30, our home teacher called back to say he'd found us a ride. He's such a good home teacher.

And it's a good thing we went, too, because there was almost nobody there! Apparently different groups in the ward planned a trip to the beach and a trip to Magic Mountain. Where are their priorities!?

Ah, well. After being treated to In-N-Out for lunch, we came home and watched Uta no Prince-sama, where it just figures that the pair of twins are played by the same voice actor. That is so numeralist. (But on the other hand, who are we to complain about two singers voices by Mamoru Miyano? I hope they have a duet♥ (Then again, Athena points out that they could have had Miyu Irino play the other twin, which would have been awesome and giggle-inducing.))

And then we played some more Ace Attorney! This time we're on Apollo Justice, because we need to check some things, for research. Technically, most of the research would be more easily done by looking up the script at GameFAQs, but this way, not only do we get to play the game, but we don't have to guess at potential alternate translations. Plus, we notice a lot of little things that may or may not also be referenced in the manga, like the Indochine restaurant Alden Tae.

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And then we watched Tiger & Bunny and bad things happened to all our favorite characters! (Athena points out that Origami Cyclone wasn't in that episode, but he was at the bottom of the Hero TV rankings, so he was not spared.) It was amusing to find out the guest characters were played by the same voice actors as Roger and Dorothy in The Big O (and when you see the episode, you will totally understand why; the one character wasn't even talking yet and Athena was like, "Is your name Dorothy?"). But man, poor XXXX can't seem to catch a break.

And then we watched the Fairly Odd Parents movie! I guess today wasn't "busy" so much as "full of watching stuff." It was so weird, because it was exactly like watching an episode of Fairly Odd Parents, only live action. So I guess that means it actually wasn't weird, which is what was weird. It's just weird.

Today I'm thankful for our home teacher finding us a ride to the temple, getting to go to the temple this morning, being able to more fully appreciate certain aspects of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Miles Edgeworth, and having extra time to play more Ace Attorney (or maybe do something else. if we feel like it).