July 6th, 2011


VB Rose

I was originally planning to talk about the different character aspects that could be gleaned from the two different versions of the scenario in our recent poll, but I tried it and realized that it's still kind of difficult for me to explain my thoughts on it. So instead, we figured it'd be a good time to reflect on VB Rose.

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And I can't think of anything else I had to say.

Today I'm thankful for the amazing lemonade we had at the Institute barbecue last night, having a slightly cooler apartment today (we turned down (up?) the air-conditioning in a fit of disgruntlement; the only problem being that our disgruntlement came in large part from not having any money, eheh), having an excuse to play even more Ace Attorney (we have to pull out Apollo Justice to get some reference material), fun combining names together, and easily localizable pun.