July 4th, 2011


Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! Our bishop is from Canada, so he called this weekend "Double Independence Weekend." We liked it.

Aaaanyway. We're still sadly lacking in votes on the poll we posted two days ago. I know we're not going to get enough votes to do anything conclusive, but seven? Really? We can't get any more than that? (Thanks to the seven of you who did vote, by the way!)

In other brief random bits of news, another translation of VB Rose has found its way onto our hard drive. I'm guessing people don't need it anymore, though, since it's volume five. Or fourteen. Right, it's fourteen. Still not sure anyone needs it, though, because it's taken so long to get it that we're pretty sure everyone's either figured out all the dialogue or had enough time to learn Japanese. This is what happens when Negima! omnibi take over our lives. But anyway, if anyone's interested in a copy (of VBR; you're going to have to wait for the official release for Negima!), let us know.

So far we've enjoyed our holiday mostly by playing Final Fantasy XIII. That's one Final Fantasy for each of the original colonies! Or maybe we just decided to play it because July weather reminds us of Final Fantasy XI, so we wanted to play a game that involved a big screen (as opposed to a DS or PSP) and wandering around a giant fantasy world. And we still haven't beaten FF13.

We also watched a lecture on building better sentences. We started ignoring those when our schedule got really busy, but since things have slowed down, we decided we should watch the rest of them. Then today we got an email announcing the start of the latest Kurodahan Press Translation Prize, so we figured we really ought to get some writing help.

Today I'm thankful for the blessings of living in a free country, once again being surrounded by adorable kitties, having a nice leisurely day off, all the neat patriotic things people have posted on Twitter, and not having to go outside in the 105 degree weather.