June 28th, 2011


For the Netherlands!

Last night turned out to be better than we expected. Not that we expected it to be bad, just that we didn't expect it to be good. We enjoy Home Evening Group well enough, but we don't really "click" with the people in it, I guess, so it's not something we're really excited about when we could be at home reading manga or something.

So last night, we remembered that somebody in the group had mentioned a Disney cartoon that they saw a loooong time ago about a circus bear who got lost in the woods or something...? And we happen to have it on DVD so we brought it! Tadah! And that somebody was very happy to be able to see it again, so we got to watch it. I was a little anxious about it, though, because to be honest, the last time we'd watched it, we both fell asleep during it. It's an incredibly laid-back cartoon. But everybody seemed to enjoy it, so it was all good. (It's Bongo, part of Fun and Fancy Free, for anyone who might have been wondering.) It was also all good because for once we had refreshments that were not brought by a health-food nut, so we got to have ice cream. The Home Evening Group approval rating has now gone up slightly.

We also played the game where everybody writes a random sentence on a piece of paper, then you pass it to the person next to you, and they draw a picture to illustrate that sentence, and then they fold the sentence back so the next person can't see it, and pass it to that next person, who writes a sentence to go with the picture, then they fold back the picture, the next person draws a new picture, and so on. Every time we play that game, I'm like, "I don't really want to play this game..." but I play it anyway and it turns out to be super fun.

This time, the best was the guy next to me wrote "Look, a windmill." So I drew a windmill with two stick figures, and one of them was pointing at the windmill, but since stick figures don't usually have hands and I didn't draw the hand that was pointing very well, Athena thought it was a gun, so her caption was, "Your days are numbered, Senor Windmill!" (It had to be Senor, because Don Quixote is Spanish. Only of course it had a tilde, because those are much easier to draw than to type.) And then it turned into an epic about a battle in the Netherlands or something. It was pretty awesome all around. One of the pictures had a stick figure shouting, "For the Netherlands!"

Come to think of it, it's kind of ironic that the Netherlands are found at the top of the map. Maybe they have a low elevation. (<--is terrible at geography.)

There was also one that turned into Farmer John and Little Sally frolic through the woods wearing barrels. And one about a horse who thinks she's a donkey, which was an unwitting commentary on a group member's inability to differentiate a donkey from a horse in drawing. The donkey was saying "hee haw," but it looked like a horse, so... Then Athena drew a picture of the horse saying hee haw with a couple of stick figures saying, "That Millie. Such a crazy horse." "You know it."

The point is, based on all these examples, the game is more fun when people actually are not, in fact, good artists.

We really need to remember that game next time we need to come up with a game to play.

Today I'm thankful for fun writing/drawing games, finally having decent refreshments at Home Evening Group, finally getting to watch more Tiger & Bunny (we hadn't watched any since Friday! and it's Tuesday!), having a half-day of work today, and the cute drawing of North Pole elves on a NASA spaceship that evolved from the sentence "welcome back, space travelers."