June 27th, 2011




That's all I have to say.

...But if I leave it at that, everyone's going to be all, "Ooohhh, I wonder what happened!", when really, nothing happened at all. We're just not looking forward to Home Evening Group tonight is all. Well, that and we were reminded of things that make us grumpy that are a state of affairs and not an event. And not much happened today, so "rar" was really the only new thing I had to add to LJ.

Time to go do something happy. After a few chores.

Today I'm thankful for our Nabari translation going really fast, having chocolate milk, the air conditioning feeling really nice, getting started on work almost on time despite waking up late, and the yummy fudge center in Chips Ahoy! Chewey Gooey cookies (which are not, in fact, very gooey, but the fudge tastes good so it's okay).
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