June 21st, 2011


Sad day

Okay, first, I want to ask if anyone would be kind enough to stop by their local Barnes & Noble. Inquiring minds (including ours) want to know if they really set up some Ace Attorney (or Phoenix Wright, if you want to call it that) front table displays. (If you happen to want to buy a copy, that would be great, too!) We totally want to go and check ours first, but we're supposed to be going to Institute tonight, so that might not be feasible, logistically speaking.

In other news, today has been kind of a log flume. But on the bright side, we have assurance that we should have a check sent to us before the end of the month!

On the not so bright side, Mom's cat Probation (we still think of her as Pele, though) went missing on Sunday. I called her (Mom, not the cat) yesterday morning to ask if she would be so kind as to pick up some kitty litter for us, and then we got into a fight about something else. The call ended on fairly good terms, but I was still brooding over it almost all day, even after Mom called to let us know the cat was missing. She was hoping that, since Athena had seen her on Sunday, she would have some idea where the cat went, but unfortunately, we had no clue.

Later, Mom came to our door with two giant bags of kitty litter that she had carried up the stairs herself (or maybe she only carried one of them, but she was the only one at the door when we answered). We were kind of stunned that she'd carried them all the way to our door, and we felt like brats for worrying that there would be a problem with it being a different brand than usual (so far so good). We thanked her again as she walked down the stairs, and she turned around and said that her cat was still missing. She had tears in her eyes.

We weren't too worried about it, since we'd heard about a cat going missing for a month and still being found safe and sound, and Mom doesn't live on a busy street or anything. We didn't forget about it, though, and we even called her this morning to see if she'd tried using the micro-chip for help (forgetting ourselves that that only helps if the cat shows up at a veterinarian's office or cat shelter). We found out later that Mom wasn't home because she was checking at a couple of different shelters to see if they'd picked her up. Steve emailed to let us know what was going on, and we took some time out of our work schedule to see if the story we'd read before had any tips, and then to Google some more.

Sometime after lunch, Steve emailed to let us know they found Probation. The neighbors across the street found her in the bushes. They guessed that she had been hit by a car and crawled in there to die. It was already too late. When Mom called to let us know, she said that as she held her, she kept thinking, "I feel a pulse! We have to hurry and get her to a vet!" and then she'd remember it was just the throbbing in her own fingers. She knew that Probation was really gone when she held her with her nose against Mom's elbow, and as she lay there, she bled on Mom's arm.

Steve left work early and they buried her next to Mimsy. She wasn't our cat, and she was a little vicious sometimes, but she could also be very sweet, and we'll miss her.

Today I'm thankful for finally hearing some progress on our missing payments, fond memories of Pele, Mom and Steve buying us kitty litter, Mom (and maybe Steve?) carrying it all the way up stairs, and making our Negima! page quota despite tons of exposition.