June 20th, 2011


The slightly scary thing

Okay, now I think there's time to post about the slightly scary thing we did on Saturday. Of course, now there's been so much buildup to it, that I'm afraid it's just going to be a letdown, but since no one's shown any interest anyway, maybe we'll just come out even.

Aaaanyway. The short version is Andreas Deja started a blog, and we finally got up the courage to comment on it! Tadah!

See? It really wasn't much. But the thing is Andreas Deja is probably the first name either of us recognized as being that of a Disney animator. See, The Little Mermaid had created such a sensation that people were actually interested (or maybe Disney assumed they were, but anyway) in how these animated films were made, so when Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King came out, they had little half-hour making-of specials. We had been officially hooked on Disney since The Little Mermaid, so of course we made sure to watch them. Maybe it's because Mr. Deja animated Gaston, who was Athena's favorite character in Beauty and the Beast, that we remembered his name first.

But anyway, aside from Alan Menken, Andreas Deja is probably the one artist we've been fans of for the longest. I mean, of course we really liked Jodi Benson and Samuel E. Wright and other voice actors, but for the Disney movies, those two names were the ones we heard the most consistently. To us, they're at least as good as any movie star, even if you never see either of their faces onscreen.

So when we found out Mr. Deja started a blog, of course we had to start reading it every day. But he's a brilliant animator, so anybody with any interest in animation at all is going to want to follow him. So he had like a million comments on his first entries, and that intimidated us. But we didn't want to continue to be invisible (at least not on purpose), so we determined to wait until the tide of comments ebbed and then see if there was something we could come up with to say. That happened on Saturday, when he was specifically asking for everybody's opinion on a certain sequence in The Rescuers. Everybody has an opinion on stuff! Finally something to be said other than, "Great post as always!"!

But it was a little scary. But we did it anyway! And then we worried about looking weird or crazy. But that's okay, because he gets a lot of comments. He's probably already forgotten about ours. But now if we want to stay uninvisible, we have to not stop commenting. And that's the tricky thing. But we'll keep trying!

Oh right, for anyone who's interested, the blog is right here.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good opportunity to comment, oh my goodness Andreas Deja has a blog!, the amazing art he always posts, Negima! going into shoujo manga mode for a little while, and volume 32 going a heck of a lot faster than volume 4.