June 19th, 2011


Mystery brownies

I was fully intending to write about the slightly scary thing we did yesterday, but when we were at choir practice, Steve came up and invited us to his house for dinner, so we went over there instead. We had a great time playing Cranium and Smurfing, but now it is past our bedtime.

There was also a mysterious incident when the game of Cranium was done in which the oven beeped. Everybody heard it, but nobody knew what it was beeping about, and since Mom sometimes does stuff in the kitchen without really talking to anyone, and she was in her room not answering the question of why the oven was beeping, I suggested that maybe it was brownies. Celeste and her friend (who came over because she was all alone) said no it couldn't be brownies, because it didn't smell like brownies. And then Celeste, who was bored, said, "If there's stuff to make brownies, I'll make some!" And there was, so she did! And they were very tasty!

Today I'm thankful for mysterious oven beeps leading to brownies, Celeste and her friend making brownies, having a lovely time at dinner with everyone, the really good talks and lessons we had at church today, and having the courage to do the slightly scary thing yesterday.