June 18th, 2011


Princess Tutu!

We (sort of) just got back from watching the end of Princess Tutu with Leia! We were also planning to do something kind of scary, so originally I was thinking we'd go do that, then I'd use the need to calm down (and go eat dinner) to just link to our Princess Tutu write-up (very spoilery) from when we first watched the end of the series about four years ago. We weren't nearly as worked up about it this time, because our biases were shifted toward how it actually ended, so this time we were able to focus a little more on the themes the series seemed to be trying to convey. Either way, it's fun!

But anyway, the reason we didn't do the kind of scary thing yet is that! when we got to Twitter and scrolled down to see what all we'd missed, Junichi Sato (the executive director) just happened to be talking about Princess Tutu! Wow, what timing! And I didn't want to forget what he'd said, so I wanted to write it up while it was still fresh in my mind.

It seemed to be a continuation of something he was saying about background music. He talked about how Princess Tutu was unique in that it was based on ballet, so it was almost all music that wasn't original. He said that they did rearrange some pieces, especially the themes for the main characters that got used a lot and needed to be tweaked to fit the emotion, and of course they had to rearrange the Wedding March for Cat-sensei. But for the parts where they used the music exactly as it was in the ballet, they used prerecorded music, and some of it was from live performances, so if you listen carefully, you can hear chairs falling and stuff. He also said it was really hard, because they development of the scene had to match the development of the music. Then he mentioned how directors take different approaches to sound directing--sometimes they like to do it themselves, sometimes they leave it to a special sound director, sometimes they leave it to the whole staff--but there's no wrong answer, so there are all kinds.

And then he linked to something that we didn't really understand, and then he was done. Tadah! Neat stuff.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the end of Princess Tutu again, coming home just in time to read Sato-san's tweets about Princess Tutu, remembering that it was in fact a rhinoceros and not an elephant, having a really good day today, and having little pizzas to eat for dinner tonight.