June 15th, 2011



Aha! We finally remembered! Here is the song that Celeste sang on Easter! I don't know who that hack pianist is though... (It's me.) Before you criticize my playing, remember that I had a cat on my lap for the first half of the song! (Normally I'd think that wouldn't be a problem, but she did restrict my arm movements slightly.)

Not much else to report. Oh! Except that we had more extra time than we expected today, so we went to Crunchyroll to check out Sket Dance. We like it, but we don't love it. Maybe in time it will grow on us, if we can find time to watch more. But the important thing is that while we were watching, I was thinking about one time, someone posted a blog entry basically reviewing the translation levels of different anime companies. Crunchyroll got the lowest score, but as we were watching Sket Dance, we thought the subtitles were pretty much average. Sometimes they were even very good. Until the -de gozaru guy came on, but that's another story.

So I was thinking that you can't really judge an entire company's translations, because they outsource to all kinds of different translators with different translation ability. I was also thinking about Jeopardy Syndrome, because sometimes someone thinks they know a fair amount of Japanese, and so they think that a translator is translating something wrong, when in fact the translator is right, and they just didn't realize because they don't know enough Japanese.

That happened at AX once. We were at the Meet the Guests Reception, and someone asked Tomokazu Seki how he liked America, and he said something about how American girls have nice スタイル. The interpreter said American girls have nice figures. Later, we were talking with someone about it, and she said that that wasn't really what he said--スタイル is a cognate of (and sounds a lot like) the English "style." We had caught that, too, so after that session, we went to the interpreter (clearly someone who was very familiar with both languages) and asked her if スタイル really meant "figure," since it obviously comes from "style." She said, well yeah, it actually means, like, proportions.

And just to be sure, I double checked right now, and the first definition at the Yahoo Japanese dictionary was からだつき, which means "body build" or "figure." So he did in fact say that American girls have nice figures, which makes sense based on what Utena director Kunihiko Ikuhara said when he came to Anime Expo--that he came to America to look for a girlfriend, and his ideal girlfriend criteria were "slim and nice bust." ...Men. (Though in Ikuhara's defense, he said it was okay for her to be a future slim woman.)

Anyway, the point is, it takes more than you might think to judge accurately.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, having some time to check out a new anime, the amazing lemonade popsicles we had last night, finally remembering to share that song, and those new Chips Ahoy! cookies being on sale when we went grocery shopping (probably our last splurge for a while).