June 10th, 2011


We did it!!!

We did it! We're done! All the scripts have been turned in! Aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha! (I'm laughing maniacally for joy.)

Here I was all ready to write an impassioned post about something completely different, but it was all swallowed up in Negima!. That other thing is so far from my mind, it feels like it might as well have been a dream. But that story will keep better, so I think I'm going to save it.

So anyway, we finished the second Negima! omnibus today! The Greek ended up giving us more trouble than we expected. I'm kind of amused though, because last night at the church activity, the refreshments were popsicles, so we had to decide what colors we wanted. The bag listed pineapple, banana, coconut, lime, peach, and watermelon. But there were only three colors! So we each took our chances and picked a color, and then someone pointed out that the bag said "flavors may include." D'oh.

That's okay, we excused ourselves, because we're tired from reading Sanskrit all day. Then we were talking about Sanskrit and Japanese and Latin and Classical Japanese, and the guy was like, "It's all Greek to me!" And we were like, "No, that's tomorrow." (That's actually not how I happened, but I recreated it that way, because I wish it had happened that way, because it makes a better story.)

We were also excited, because the office called to let us know we had a package! The first Negima! Omnibus comes out on Tuesday, so we were like, "Yay, comp copies!" We're pretty excited to see how it turns out, even though chances are we won't look at it that much. Really, we're mostly eager to see reviews, though come to think of it, that's like wanting confirmation that we're better than somebody else. But we already know that the translations are vastly different--we just want to see if people think this new one is good. Also, we're curious to see how people react to the differences, like if someone reads it and is like, "Wow, this foreshadowing's been there all along!"

We also want to know what people think of the new notes! Incidentally, to give you an idea of how much Japanese culture is in this second omnibus, we wrote nineteen notes for volume four and twenty for volume five. Volume six was a lot closer to average, with just six.

Right, so we had a package! We decided to wait until we were done working today to go get it, so it would be a little reward type thing, and off we went! The office people pulled it out, and it was awfully small for something that should have three Negima! omnibi in it. It looked like it would fit one at the most!

...and that's exactly what it had. It had the Japanese copies of volumes seven, eight, and nine. This was a little awkward, because when we turned in the last set, we asked if we could expect to work on the next one. It was a little more awkward because that package actually arrived on Monday. (We never got a note!)

So now, we get to look forward to the next one! And we do, and we are excited, but we also have a nasty habit of looking at the not-so-bright side sometimes, so it's kind of like, "No reward! Only more work!" I thought of that one Tiny Toons cartoon that was about how a cartoon is made, and there was Buster Bunny dressed in a loin cloth, standing over these poor animators, cracking a whip with each hand, and shouting, "Faster! Faster! Cheaper! Cheaper!" Athena thought of Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame, where there's that old prisoner guy who keeps getting accidentally freed and then locked up in something else, and is always like, "I'm free, I'm free! ...Dang it." But I remember really liking volume eight, so.

On the other hand, we flipped through them and somebody needs to gag Satomi. Seriously.

And we are totally taking the day off on Monday.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing this omnibus, finding confirmation that yes that is still a word with the gamma in it (or at least it was a word anciently; don't know what it means, but we know it was a word), finally getting our package, having an opportunity to take a break, and having a head start on our next assignment so we can justify that break more easily.
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