June 8th, 2011



The Sanskrit! That Sanskrit! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Ahem. So. You may have guessed that we had some dealings with Sanskrit today. We're finalizing our translation of Negima! 5, and that means we can't just leave a note to ourselves to get back to it later. We spent over half an hour just trying to find the characters for one line! It was tough.

I think Sanskrit is extra hard, because with Latin and Greek, English borrows so many words from them that it's pretty easy to figure out what they're trying to get at. If we see a few different possibilities, we can figure out which one's right based on what we already know from English. But with Sanskrit! With Sanskrit, we have absolutely no idea whatsoever. We can find something that looks close enough, but we won't know if it's right until we find something that tells us exactly!

The scary thing is once we get to volume 6, we'll get to have fun with Classical Japanese...and that seems like it will probably be easier.

In happier news, our book came today! But now we are too brain dead to read Brain Storm. (See what I did there? Aaaaahh ha ha...ha...)

And stuff.

Today I'm thankful for our book coming today!, finally finding a few friendly websites about Sanskrit, the healing powers of sugar, sales on ice cream, and getting to have fudgesicles at Institute last night.