June 7th, 2011


We never use this icon, and it's sort of appropriate maybe?

We were entirely too giggly at the name Hogi Nupringfield today. I'm going to take that as a good sign, though, because giggling at things is better than growling at things.

Anyway. Our Mom is super awesome and making lots of progress on the Shion sweater we asked her to make. (Actually, she volunteered to make it, which makes her that much more awesome.) She called this morning to clarify some things that we wanted, and then it was revealed that she wasn't knitting it the way we wanted her to, as far as ribbing was concerned. She only started it last night, so normally it wouldn't have been much of a problem to start over...except that Mom is a Super Knitter! and was almost completely done with the back side of it! How is that even possible!? She only started it last night!

But she was super awesome again and agreed to start over. I felt so bad. I kept asking if there was something I could do to make it up to her, because I really should have written something on the pattern, but I didn't. She tried to call to clarify last night! but we weren't here, which leads me into my next topic.

Last night, we were at Home Evening Group! This whole Family Home Evening/Home Evening Group thing has gotten a little confusing in the last few months, but now it's all been worked out. The people in the ward who live at home with their parents are to stay at home and have Family Home Evening with their families, while those of us who live not at home are to meet with other people in the ward who also live not at home, and have Home Evening Group, so we can all get into the habit of having Family Home Evening by the time we have our own families.

Last night was our group's first official meeting, so our Fearless Leader (he's not really fearless, but that's okay, we'll call him that anyway) decided that our activity would consist of introducing ourselves. It was really very entertaining, and there was a lot of conversation, which is our favorite pastime. It was also an interesting study of people, by which I mean that I need remind myself that people are different, and I shouldn't get offended by their incorrect opinions (irony intended).

See, one girl in our group said that she does a lot of reading. She's just here for the summer, and she packed an entire backpack of books to read during the season, of which she's already read two. So, in an attempt to learn more, since we know a bunch of people who like to read, we asked if she had a favorite genre. She didn't have an answer right away, so, thinking out loud, she said, "I do Not read fiction."

As somebody who's life may as well be fiction for all the fiction we deal with (hyperbole intended), we couldn't let that comment go by. We were like, "What!? Why...?" Again, she was thinking out loud, but she doesn't seem to quite know how to stop herself once she's already started down the wrong track, and we could tell she was aware of it by the tone in her voice when she said, "I just think they're...a waste..." Oh yes she did.

We decided not to argue the point too much, because she was a nice enough girl otherwise, so then it was our turn, and I said, "On that note, I'm Alethea Nibley, and I translate comic books for a living." Apparently she picked up on the "translate" part and missed the "comic books" part, because she didn't seem to realize why that would have had anything to do with her not liking fiction. It all made me think about how, as people grow up, they seem to come up with these rules about what's okay to do, what makes you not seem like an idiot, etc. So they put all these weird restrictions on themselves, because in their minds, intelligent people (or in other cases, socially accepted people) Do Not do that. It's probably along the same lines of why I really didn't want to dance too much even when dragged into the dance hall on Saturday.

In her defense, it's possible that she did get the connection, but was trying to be nice and respect people, which would definitely earn her points. When I acted surprised after she failed to react the way I expected, she said something about how translating is okay, because it's intellectually stimulating. If only she realized that our translating makes it possible for millions of Americans to remain unstimulated intellectually by reading fiction in their native language. Okay, now I'm being snarky.

Anyway. We made a similar observation when Fearless Leader was driving us home. He's into anime, too, and he was talking about what anime he likes (Death Note, FullMetal Alchemist (we're assuming Brotherhood)), and he said he saw an episode of Bleach, and he just thought it was too "fun" for him. It was kind of an odd way to describe why you wouldn't like something. I mean, who doesn't like fun? On the other hand, he is near-vegan, and a lot of carnivores we know seem to agree that vegans hate fun. And that's just another example of how people categorize things in odd, pointless ways, and then add adjectives like fun-sucking to the categories they don't belong to.

And so we've decided to be fascinated by the whole thing, and just observe everyone to see what makes them tick the way they do.

Incidentally, Book Girl's favorite genre seems to be self-help--an interesting choice. To be honest, remember that Brain Storm book, and how I said the subtitle (Unleashing Your Creative Self) sounded fishy? It's because throughout the years, we've developed an odd rule about self-help books being suspicious. I think it's because of all the self-help guru parodies we've seen on TV. But anyway, when we got home from Home Evening Group, we had an e-mail from Barnes & Noble, letting us know our copy has finally shipped! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for Mom being super awesome and knitting me a Shion sweater, Mom being extra super awesome and starting all over (I'm sorry!), having a good time at Home Evening Group last night, fascinating studies of the human psyche, and the highly amusing fake name Hogi Nupringfield.