June 1st, 2011


Stuck in a rut

We have officially decided that we're in a rut. It's like everything we're doing is something we've already done. We haven't gotten a new series to translate in over a year, and right now we're working on old volumes of Negima!. Even our main source of recreation (Birth by Sleep: Final Mix) is just the English dub of a game we already played through! And that's probably why the thought so frequently occurs: "Why aren't I reading Skip Beat! right now?"

Answer: because we have a job.

Anyway. Hopefully we'll have a nice change of pace today, as we have plans to watch Princess Tutu with Leia. Sure it's a series we've already seen, but it will be viewed with a new person! (Plus we've only seen all of the second half once, and long enough ago that we might as well have not seen it at all.)

After that...we probably ought to revamp our schedule to fit in something exciting. We're in such a rut that nothing seems exciting these days, and we have no problems sitting down and randomly watching two hours of Suite Life. It's so bad that even when I imagine getting a new series to work on, I feel like I'll still not want to work on it. And even when I imagine going to Disneyland...okay, I can imagine a trip to Disneyland being exciting. (I can also imagine it not being exciting, because we're good at imagining unhappy scenarios. And of course, it has actually happened.)

It's possible that part of the problem is we plan for something exciting, and then it falls through. We had been planning to go to Disneyland for our birthday for weeks, and then we couldn't afford it, and it was like, "That's okay; we'll just put it off for a little while." And then a little while turned into a long while, and now it's like, "Oh yeah, I guess we had a birthday." And now it's getting to be summer, and the park will be crowded and full of strollers! *pout*

Then we were excited to get that new book by Don Hahn that came out yesterday, but Barnes & Noble emailed and said it's been delayed! Siiiiiiiiigh.

Maybe we should find a new anime to watch or something.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to watch Princess Tutu today, the lovely weather outside, the cute mountain lion on our June calendar, still having a little more Skip Beat! to read, and having money to pay rent.