May 28th, 2011


Fabric shopping dangers

I think this cosplay thing might actually happen. ...Or it might if I ever sat down to cut stuff out. But! today we went to Hancock Fabrics and bought a pattern! Since Dahlia wears a dress, and dresses are my weakness, I knew I'd need a pattern, and when we went to Jo-Ann's last week, they had some dresses on display in just the style I wanted! ...with patterns for way more than we could afford. Seriously, why are patterns so expensive?

Well, we knew Hancock Fabrics tends to have sales with massive discounts for patterns, so we decided to just keep an eye on our email and wait. Lo and behold, Memorial Day Sale = cheap patterns! So I called Mom, and today we went! The bad thing about it is that Mom didn't really need anything, so we were pretty much making her take us to a den of temptation.

This week's temptation: Disney fleece panels. Oh my goodness, so pretty! We saw them when we were looking for potential fabric for our Chip and Dale costumes (we have to look around the entire store or we're not satisfied), so when Mom finished browsing through patterns and said she was going to look at the fleece panels, we got all excited. They had the most beautiful Snow White and Cinderella panels! And they had Peter Pan and Bambi! And they were sooooo nice!

Fortunately, we all had enough will power to walk away with just Snow White and Cinderella, but after Mom examined her receipt and realized she'd got them on sale... well, then of course we had to go back and get the other two. Then when the guy was cutting them for us, we got to talking about Disney, and Mom would have gone and gotten a Tiana one, too, if they'd had any. Ah, we are such suckers for Disney. And blankets.

While we were waiting for Mom to get her first set of fleece cut, we asked if she thought canvas would be too heavy a material for Chip and Dale's Kingdom Hearts costumes. They're pretty much the airship engineers, so they wear the kind of aprons you see on guys carrying blowtorches. She said hey, they used to make those out of leather, so of course canvas isn't too heavy. This was good to hear, because the only other fabric they had in the right colors was cotton, and every time I looked at it, I just saw it all crumpled and wrinkled after being laundered or sat on.

So I went to stare at the canvas for a second, because we decided to wait until we got another paycheck before making any more crazy purchases, and when I came back empty-handed Mom was like, "Oh just go get it!" And we were like, "But!" and she was like, "Just do it!" And then she paid for that, and when we tried to insist on paying for the pattern at least, Mom was like, "Nope." She took it from Athena and put it on the counter, and Athena said, "We were gonna pay for that," and the cashier zapped it with her scanner and said, "Not anymore!" She's an accessory! Fortunately it was only four dollars. We have such a generous mommy.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being super nice and taking us to the fabric store, Mom being extra super nice and buying fabric and a pattern for us, having fabric for our Chip and Dale costumes, having a pattern for the Dahlia costume, and Page not getting mad at me when I rolled on top of her this morning.