May 27th, 2011


It's all Sanskrit to me. And everyone else.

We spent an extra fifty minutes working today and we still didn't finish! The worst part is that when we started that extra fifty minutes, we only had six and a half pages left in the whole book! The even worse worst part is that we still have five pages left! That's right; it took us fifty (ish) minutes to translate a page and a half.

Those of you following along may have figured out that the page and a half we worked on was full of lexicon entries! Tadah.... This time most of the entries are related to Sanskrit and Buddhism, which is fun, because when we go look things up at Wikipedia to see if we can get any idea what Akamatsu (or whichever assistant of his writes these things up) is saying, we get a whole page of a bunch of words that make absolutely no sense to us whatsoever. We don't have time to learn about Esoteric Buddhism! There's a reason it's esoteric!

It kind of makes me wish we were still in college, where our world religion class and a bunch of our Japanese classes would have provided some clues as to what on earth was being referred to. But then we'd have to translate lexicons and do homework, so it's just as well that we've graduated. So then I think maybe we could order a lecture on Buddhism or something from that Great Courses or whatever it is website, but by the time we get it, chances are we'll be done with this particular aspect of Negima! world-building. But then again, there's no telling when we might come across Buddhist terms and things in other titles... Yeah, come to think of it, as long as we're translating stuff from Japanese, it would probably be a good idea to learn more about Buddhism.

Now if only we can find the time and money... (Ironically, the desire to learn about Buddhism means we're already failing at it.)

Today I'm thankful for amusing ironies, the yummy cookies we had at the Thursday Night Activity last night, Fridays, being done working, and poster tubes (because that's where our shiny Pirates 4 poster is going to be staying for a long time). And the lovely Kyo art Natsuki Takaya posted on Twitter (I keep meaning to say this and forgetting, but if you're following a manga artist on Twitter, it's a good idea to click on the links they post, because chances are it's pretty art. Unless you're following Tachibana Higuchi, in which case it's probably flowers from her garden or food.)
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