May 24th, 2011


Brain Storm!

We were very careful today not to get our hopes up. We knew we were getting close to the end of volume four of Negima!, but what with the bonus pages, and it being Negima!, we had to tell ourselves that while we probably would finish it today, we couldn't expect to have time to go on to volume five. Then we got a slow start, so we had to tell ourselves even harder.

And then our productivity was completely destroyed when Stitch Kingdom (a Disney news site) tweeted a trailer for Don Hahn's new book, Brain Storm...with some subtitle like, "Unleashing Your Creative Self," which actually makes it sound a little shady in my mind, but! it's Don Hahn. Don Hahn is the producer of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, which, to be honest, sometimes make us shake our heads, so those aren't really the reasons we want to buy his book. The reason we want to buy his book, first of all, is that we went to a panel he MCed at Comic Con in 2009, and it was just so...inspiring isn't really the word I want. What's the word for making you want to go out and do something awesome? Inspiring? I think of that as more of an "I have a great idea of something awesome to do!" kind of adjective, while this made me want to do something without really giving me an idea of what (though making an animated film was high on the list, since it was a panel on animation).

Anyway. It was a happy feeling. And! despite the fishy-sounding subtitle, it seems like the book just might help us figure out what the awesome thing we want to do is! But also maybe not. But either way, it should be encouraging. (We're hoping it has something about how to come up with ideas.) And the trailer was sooooooooo...I think the best way to describe it is ♥. Here, I'll just go find it. Boom.

So memories of that panel in 2009 and the suspicious subtitle made us decide that we must buy that book RIGHT NOW! So off we went to the Barnes & Noble website, despite it being the middle of our workday. But, seeing as we're still kind of poor, we decided we wanted to try for free shipping. This decision was aided by the fact that Athena lost her journal, and we recently decided we wanted to start journaling again. So we started to browse the journals!

...And then we realized there were more than a hundred twenty thousand to browse through (I am not exaggerating), and we didn't have time to go through all of them today. At least not in the middle of our workday. And besides, why spend the money if Athena's journal is, as suspected, merely hiding under the bed?

So we didn't buy the book. It doesn't come out until next week anyway, so we figured we had time to at least finish our workday. And then while I was trying to figure out some other thing, Athena searched under the bed and found her journal! Tadah! So now we need to figure out something else to add to the order. Or we could just, like, pay for shipping.

Oh! And to bring closure to the introduction to this entry, we did finish volume four! And we had a little bit of time to get started on volume five♥

Today I'm thankful for having enough money to buy this book, the book being discounted at Barnes & Noble, having time to get started on volume five, kitties in shadow and light (Athena let them out on the balcony, and Page (the white and black cat) went out into the sun, while Oreo (the black and white cat) stayed in the shade♥), and the yummy cookies we had last night.