May 23rd, 2011



Translation speed picked up on Negima! today, thankfully. We got almost as much done today as we got done on Thursday and Friday combined. Of course, part of that is that we stopped early on Thursday and started late on Friday, and there were some action scenes today, so...

Anyway. It's a fascinating process, checking the Japanese with the first English version. Sometimes it's like, "Wow, that was really good!" and sometimes it's like, "...Were you, like, really tired when you did this part?" We haven't been able to pick up on a pattern, either, except for the expositiony stuff seems to suffer a lot. There was one part where we checked the English, and it seemed like it was a direct, literal translation, that didn't really make any sense. Of course, it was especially hard to translate, because it was only part of a sentence, but when we were starting out as translators, we always assumed the rewriter would fix that. Or at least rewrite it to something that made some amount of sense.

The main reason I even bring it up is that when we saw it, it made us wonder why the rewriter didn't change it, and if anyone might be able to enlighten us. Collapse )

Incidentally, is anyone else bothered when stutters of words that start with TH are rendered as, for example, "t-that"?

Today I'm thankful for the yummy refreshments we had at the fireside last night, getting to chat with a bunch of people, it being a good day to get out the cookie dough and bake it, making better progress on Negima! today, and finding our stapler.